What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is an Office Assistant who works from their home office.  They can be wide ranging assistants for your business depending on your VA’s experience.

At LawVA Virtual Assistant, we have over 15 years experience with Microsoft Office primarily in Solicitors offices.  

Many businesses/solicitors offices have ups and downs in business and keeping their overheads low will help keep a business practicing. With a VA you don’t have all the expenses of an employee.  You only pay for work done by your VA.  As you become a client of LawVA a great working relationship is very important. Call me or email me anytime to discuss your administration needs. 

Have a look at your To Do List today and see what you could be delegating to LawVA. 

With LawVA, it will always be the same person you are dealing with every day.

Each time you call, the phone will be answered by me, Joanne. 

Each time you email, I will personally reply to the email.

You are my priority.  I want to build a great working relationship with you for your business. 

Here are some ways I can help you today:- 

If you cannot answer your phone for a time, I can take detailed messages so that your client feels they are being listened to and are being dealt with.  Your clients will also feel more comfortable knowing that if they don’t get you, they will get your secretary, Joanne.   

If you cannot get to your emails, I can reply to your emails personally. No more automated responses where your client feels they seem to always get that.  

I can manage your diary more efficiently, ie, allow time to get to the correct Court, parking, walking, and maybe get a coffee before court. Your mind needs to be on the clients that day not worrying about the clients you won’t get to that day.  

Are you having a problem getting clients to pay your Invoices?  I can chase these clients politely by telephone and/or email until payment is made. 

Do you need to finally set up those Templates you have been meaning to do.  I can do this.  Saving you time and money on each file. 

If you already have templates you want me to use when doing your correspondence or memos kindly let me know, and I will always follow your preferred style. 

You can communicate with me whichever way suits you, ie phonecalls, texts, emails, or Facetime.  

Typing… typing… typing… 

The most time consuming part of your day.  

Dictate Memorandums of meetings with clients and send the dictation to me.  

Write draft agreements on paper, scan or take a picture and send to me to type. 

Draft those Wills and send to me. 

Type up thank you emails or letters after attending an event.  

Data Entry – those notebooks that really should be on an excel spreadsheet, send them to me.  

What can I help you with this week? 


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