Pay As You Go Virtual Assistant

A Day – Are you in Court for the day and need your emails replied to instantly. A Week – Have you a sick kid at home and need someone to hop online when you can’t. A Month – Do you need a hand creating content for your Social Media Posts. A Year – HelpContinue reading “Pay As You Go Virtual Assistant”

Thank You

‘I recently hired Joanne to undertake various tasks for my business which specifically related to helping the business in relation to filling out government forms coinciding with COVID19. I found her knowledge and professionalism most useful. Her promptness and eagerness to research further in order to help was very impressive. All correspondence was conducted viaContinue reading “Thank You”

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is an Office Assistant who works from their home office.  They can be wide ranging assistants for your business depending on your VA’s experience. At LawVA Virtual Assistant, we have over 15 years experience with Microsoft Office primarily in Solicitors offices.   Many businesses/solicitors offices have ups and downs in business and keeping their overheads lowContinue reading “What is a Virtual Assistant?”